Grading Material for 1st Kup (*Preliminary & Black Belt Grading)

*Note: The student must first pass the preliminary test which is held at a normal colour belt grading under the local examiner before being approved to go forward to the R.I.T.A. Black Belt Grading Examination


  • Choong-Moo Tul (click for description & Video)
  • Hwa-Rang Tul (click for description & Video)
  • Colour Belt Pattern
  • One Step Sparring (ILBO MATSOGI)
  • Free Sparring (JAYU MATSOGI)
  • 2-1 Free Sparring


  • Reverse Turning Kick
  • Spot Jumping Side Piercing Kick
  • Hand Techniques


English - Korean Dictionary

Attacking Techniques

Reverse Knifehand Front Strike Sonkaldung Ap Taerigii

Flying Side Piercing Kick Twimyo Yopcha Jirugi

Defending Techniques
X-Knifehand Checking Block Kyocha Sonkal Momchau Makgi

Twin Palm Upward Block Sang Sonbadak Ollyo Makgi


Choong-Moo Tul (30 Movements):
Choong-Moo is the pseudonym given to the great Admiral Yi Soon-Sin (Lee Dynasty). He is reputed to have invented the first armoured battleship (Kobukson) in 1592, said to be the precursor of the present day submarine. The reason why this pattern ends with a left hand attack is to symbolize his regrettable death, having no chance to show his unrestrained potential, checked by the forced reservation of his loyalty to the King.

Hwa-Rang Tul (29 Movements):
Hwa-Rang is named after the Hwa-Rang Youth Group which originated in the Silla Dynasty in the early 7th Century. The 29 movements refer to the 29th Infantry Division where Taekwon-Do developed into maturity.


Meaning of Black Belt:
Black is the opposite of white, therefore signifying maturity and proficiency in Taekwon-Do. It also signifies the wearers imperviousness to darkness and fear.