Grading Material for 2nd Kup


  • Hwa-Rang Tul (click for description & Video)
  • One Step Sparring (ILBO MATSOGI)
  • Free Sparring (JAYU MATSOGI)


  • Reverse Turning Kick
  • Side Piercing Kick
  • Turning Kick


English - Korean Dictionary

Attacking Techniques

Upward Punch Ollyo Jirugi

Downward Knifehand Strike Naeryo Sonkal Taerigi

Defending Techniques
Palm Pushing Block Son Badak Miro Makgi

Inner Forearm Side Front Block An Palmok Yopap Makgi


Close Ready Stance 'C' Moa Junbi Sogi 'C'

Vertical Stance Soo Jik Sogi


Hwa-Rang Tul (29 Movements):
Hwa-Rang is named after the Hwa-Rang Youth Group which originated in the Silla Dynasty in the early 7th Century. The 29 movements refer to the 29th Infantry Division where Taekwon-Do developed into maturity.