Grading Material for 3rd Kup


  • Toi-Gye Tul(click for description & Video)
  • One Step Sparring (ILBO MATSOGI)
  • Free Sparring (JAYU MATSOGI)


  • Reverse Turning Kick


English - Korean Dictionary

Attacking Techniques

Upset Fingertip Thrust Dwijibun Sonkut Tulgi

Backfist Side Rear Strike Dungjoomuk Yop Dwi Taerigi

Twin Side Elbow Thrust Sang Yop Palkup Tulgi

Defending Techniques
W-Shape Block San Makgi

Double Inner Forearm Pushing Block Doo An Palmok Miro Makgi

Knifehand Low Guarding Block Sonkal Najunde Daebi Makgi
Twin Side Elbow Thrust Sang Yop Palkup Tulgi


Toi-Gye Tul (37 Movements):
Toi-Gye was the pen name of the noted scholar and philosopher Yi Hwang (16th Century), an authority on neo-Confucianism. The 37 movements refer to his birthplace on 37 degrees latitude, the diagram represents 'scholar'.

Meaning of Red Belt:
Red signifies danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to stay away.