Grading Material for 6th Kup


  • Won-Hyo Tul (click for description & Video)
  • Two Step Sparring (5-7) (IBO MATSOGI) (click for description)
  • Semi-Free Sparring (BAN JAYU MATSOGI)
  • Free Sparring (JAYU MATSOGI)


  • Side Piercing Kick
  • Reverse Turning Kick

English - Korean Dictionary

Foot Parts

Back Heel


Attacking Techniques

Reverse Turning Kick Bandae Dollyo Chagi Back Piercing Kick Dwitcha Jirugi
Front Leg Reverse Turning Kick Ap Bal Bandae Dollyo Chagi Jumping Knifehand Strike Twimyo Sonkal Taerigi
Defending Techniques
Circular Block Dollimyo Makgi
Close Ready Stance 'A' Moa Junbi Sogi 'A' Bending Ready Stance 'A' Goburyo Sogi 'A'
Fixed Stance Gojung Sogi


Won-Hyo Tul (28 Movements):
Won-Hyo is named after the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 A.D.