Grading Material for 9th kup


  • Chon-Ji Tul (click for description and video)
  • Chon-Ji Tul - Pattern Map
  • Press Ups (20)
  • Sitting Stance Double Punch (10)
  • Front Kick / Obverse & Reverse Punch (4)
  • Walking St. Mid. Block Reverse Punch (4)
  • Three Step Sparring (1 - 4) (SAMBO MATSOGI) (click for description)


English - Korean Dictionary

Hand & Foot Parts







Defending Techniques

Knifehand Middle Block

Sonkal Kaunde Makgi

Outer Forearm Inward Block
Bakkat Palmok Anuro Kaunde Makgi
Side Rising Kick Yop Cha Olligi    
Attacking Techniques
Knifehand Strike Sonkal Taerigi Side Elbow Thrust Yop Palkup Tulgi
Front Smashing Kick
Ap Cha Busigi    


Low  (below the navel)


Middle  (navel to shoulder)


High (shoulder to eye level)




Defending Techniques

L - Stance

Niunja Sogi

Sitting Stance

Annun Sogi



Chon -Ji Tul (19 movements): Chon-Ji literally means 'Heaven and Earth'. In the Orient it is interpreted as the beginning of the world or the creation of human history, therefore it is the initial pattern performed by the beginner. It consists of two similar parts, one representing Heaven and the other representing the earth.


Meaning of Yellow Belt

Yellow signifies the earth from which the plant sprouts and takes root as the Taekwon-Do foundations are being laid.


  • Inside Block (An Makgi) refers to blocking on the inside of the attacking tool.
  • Outside Block (Bakkat Makgi) refers to blocking on the outside of the attacking tool.
  • Inward Block (Anuro Makgi) means blocking from an outward to inward trajectory.
  • Outward Block (Bakuro Makgi) means blocking from an inward to outward trajectory